Things I have to do or need to get: Updated 28/4/09

More point decoders
Signals: build more!
Signal decoder:install it
Detection,: 1 board installed, 1 more will be needed
Transponding: to be installed
The layout is now PC controlled and the next step will be getting the signalling up and running, along with proper running schedules.

Track/Major track furniture
3rd Rail is the major job on this front, this will be done after ballasting.
New sidings, the track is ordered and hopefully will be laid soon
Cable troughs and other track detailing has begun but it a slow process... pictures of progress soon

The 4cep is by and large finished, I need to tweak the jumper cables for the lights but otherwise it's done
Start and finish DCKITS 2EPb
I need to get the wheels and detailing parts for the 2EPB
Seated People, they will all have people in them.

Layout Detailing
Buildings: there will be several major buildings and many minor buildings, the stars and the extras if you like. I will build most from plasticard and plastistrut type materials as I find them really easy to work with. The stars are:
Ramsgate EMU shed.
Ramsgate Station Building.
Ramsgate Substation.
Folkestone West Station Buildings.
The Extras will be:
Houses by road under bridge by Folkestone West.
Houses by Road over line near Ramsgate.
Civil Engineering:
Bridges :one bridge is done, one is started amd the 3rd is in planning stage
Other things to get but not limited to are:
Platform sides
AWS Equipment: I have ramps and some lineside boxes
Then there will be the mass of scenic materials to do great jobs such as:
Track Weathering: phade 1 is done
Landscape detailing

More to come if I think of it, or things will also be removed when done!