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Looking towards the coast and Folkestone West

First Train to go round.. Class 33 with vans including NoRMan

Track Laying

What better way to lay track than to get a great mate round, get drunk, feel so sick you get nothing done till late afternoon and then start track laying still feeling slightly sick and sweaty.

Track is all Peco, Code 75 Wooden Sleeper with Long Electrofrog points or Y Electrofrog Points. Peco rail joiners, metal and insulated are used, with the plastic insulated ones avoided on curves as they tend to give out and you loose the nice curve.

M.Levin hard at work
Mumbles less so hard at work
One thing with track laying is you want to get trains out and run them or look at them at least.

We managed to get the 2 main lines down and ran trains round, and even Videoed it. Great night!

As you can see I used screws to hold the track in place, rather than pins that leave great big holes in the sleepers. Once ballasted, these will be removed, the holes backfilled with ballast, with the glue holding the track in place.

More train shots.

We got some of the points wired up as well using Digitrax point decoders and Seep point motors.
This meant those nasty Peco motor mounts could be removed making the points have a much nicer profile to them.

Further lines through Ramsgate laid another day, by myself. I was getting the hang of track laying by this point but it was still quite time consuming. Every piece of flexi track and every point has its own power feed.

A great day was when all the track was finally laid and shots like this became a reality, Ramsgate EMU shed with approach lines as would be seen from Newington Road bridge.

Junction running from Folkestone West towards Ramsgate
Various shots of Ramsgate

Folkestone West

Looking Towards London and Folkestone West
Looking Towards the Coast and Folkestone West
Over view