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Hornby Castle Class Tender

Pullman Height Check

Fitting Kadees to Non NEM Stock

Lima Parcels Coach

The first Example here is a Lima Parcels Coach, the principles are the same for most coaches with large tension hook couplings. Remove the nasty hook!

I thought I was going to need 2 shims of plastic to bring it to the right height but as it was only 1 was needed

Using a No5, I glued and screwed it in place

Height check

The buffer beam needed some slight filing

There you go

Hornby Mail Coach

Next I did one of the working mail coaches, slightly different approach, the bogie was turned round

The No5 was glued to a shim of plasticard that was glued to the underneath of the bogie

This one sticks out a little far for nice close coupling but this piece of stock is primarilly for the kids to run for some fun so I am not that bothered by that!

Hornby Cadbury Castle

Moving on to a loco.. this is the Cadbury Castle. I only did the tender and simply removed the front coupling from the loco as this is not needed for my requirements of the loco. 1st remove the rear wheel set. Then cut off this excess plastic that the tension hook was attached to.

The chasis needed careful surgery to fit the kadee in.

With the tender body on you can see the slot for the kadee.

Height check

And done!

Hornby Pullmans [unlit type]

Next thing having done the Castle Class was to do the coaches that it pulls, the old style hornby ones [without lights]. These were a bit more involved, The bogie just pulls out, there are no screws. Once off you can remove the tension hook.

Turn the bogie around the other way and then cut away some of the bogie frame so the kadee can fit at the right height.

Then it is a case of gluing in position.

And then checking the height it's done!

If you have any questions please email me.