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In Situ

Showing interior walls

All lit up

House Building

This is the first house, and proper structure I decided to build on layout. First, I drew some plans, no accurate sizes from the real thing were available so guess work was the order of the day.

That was then converted to plasticard and cut

The first parts done and propped up for effect.

Carrying on with various walls and starting the interrior walls which give the structure strength

A senses of the a house looking at it from the same angle the picture was I was working from

Adding interior walls

And floors

Adding roof

In place on layout

The real thing to compare

First window made.. lots more to do!

Lots of windows and doors

Close in on the doors you can see tiny beads used for handles

A quick test in place

All windows and doors glued in place

After a prolonged break I eased myself back into things by finishing the roof of the house. I used slaters 4mm tile, the type that you cut into strips and then glue to make the stepped effect.

Once the roof was tiled I added chimneys and guttering, some Wills parts I had from in my parts box. Then the roof was primed, this gives a good uniform colour and makes a lot of difference to the look overall.

While I was doing the last of the roof, my 2 daughters helped by drawing interiors. Not 100% prototypical but I will keep them.

I did get round to added lights and the other bits to this a long time ago but did not get round to updating the webiste.. Here you can see Lighting, in most rooms, the drainpipes have been painted as well as the roof too.

A close up to show those excellent interiors, need curtains now!

Chinmey stack added.

Night-time shots

Now I can start to think about bedding it into the landscape.