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This is the garage after all decorating and renovation

The Transformation

Garage Regeneration In January 2008 I had a lovely garage that looked like this:

Having debated the pros and cons of insulating the loft and making that a nice railway room I decided that the garage was a more practical place to have nice environment to play trains in. The main things for it were that it would have easy access, being that it is on the ground and entrance is through a door, not a silly hatch! Also that it is more likely to be able to have controlled temperatures, from the heat of summer to the cold of winter. The first jobs were to tidy inside and out. Inside there were pile of junk still left over from when we moved in and needing to go to the dump. There were also items that needed to be kept so I decided to build a small covered area out side to store items away from rain.

This was a simple project of making a frame and then roofing with corrugated plastic.

Once this was done I was able to really clear the garage.

I used some polythene membrane for the floor to prevent damp and was lucky enough to be given enough chipboard flooring to cover the whole garage.

The next phase was the hardest: attaching batons to the walls so I could line with polystyrene insulation sheets. The walls of the garage are fairly thin and very hard. It was very noisy drilling into the walls and quite tricky only going deep enough with out breaking through.
I used plasterboard to cover the frames on the walls and ceilings after a failed attempt to use hardboard on the ceiling.

At this stage it already felt like it was coming together. Transformation!
The gaps in the plasterboard were skimmed and sanded smooth.
After a sealing coat of PVA, painting began
Vinyl Flooring and skirting and we have a room!!
At this stage the electrics were temporary and once I got here I had them properly fitted with sockets around the room, strip lights and halogens.