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Folkestone West Through the Trees

Track Level Bridge Detail

Folkestone West

Station Buildings

Station Building on the South side of the line
Entrance with a view through across lines to the similar entrance on the other side South Side Station Again View from London Bound Platform to the Station on the North side of the Dover/Coast Bound line View Towards Dover Back Towards the Stations up to London [Charing Cross} North Side Station again Up line to London Cobbled Entrance Corridor South side Station viewed through the trees along the approach road North Side Station Entrance Corridor Chimneys and Eaves Deatail Awning Supports in the Entrance Corridor South Side Station from the North Side Platform Low Level Shot along the PLatform Towards London Platforms Sides

Bridge adjacent to Folkestone West

Track Level Girder Work. This Bridge and line was once only 2 track and so the extra bridges and lines at either side have ben added later View Looking North Looking South Curved wall leading round and up to the Station on the North Side

Detail of the Top of the Bridge on the North Side Girder Tops from the North Side Cess Deatil

Bridge further up the line from Folkestone West Towards London

This is one of the other Bridges I am Modelling. The View Looking South Closer Underside Detail