The Entry and Me!!



Wet Weather Scenery Competition

This Competition is Closed...

Here is the only Entry that I got.. LOL, oh well, it looks like Blaqkaudio009 on NRM had fun, and so did I

As it got near the end and I had not had any entries, I decided to make my own. Part of the theory of this was whether or not it would be possible to make a small scene in 24 hours. After all, the most common reason people give for not entering things like this is that they ran out of time. So here you go, Sunday night about 8pm, I got to work. Bashed some hardboard together with glue and nails.

Papier Mached and bodged up a retaining wall from plasticard. While i made the wall I put the papier mached bit on the hob with the oven on to heat it up and dry it!

Painted horrid gluey brown all over. All this was done in less than 2 hours.

Next day I basically threw a bunch of scenics from my Scenics Box at it. First up I got some bonding plaster and smoothered it around, using the Landrover to make the rutted tracks. The good thing with the bonding plaster is it goes off really quickly so I was soon able to paint it brown. It was a nice sunny morning too so that helped everything to dry. Then you can see various foliage and scatter materials. One I used quite a lot was a brown scatter, this toned down the green foliages and made it seem more real, useful to remember so I must get some more. The trees I had made a long time ago on the Module. Pics Time...

Next, I sprayed a watered down PVA mix over it, after first dripping some neat PVA in the ruts. I then left it to dry while I went for a nice walk... and that was it. it was pretty much done by the end of the day except the neat PVA was still whiteish. These shots to be honest were taken the next day, but still, I took a couple that hid the white glue fine!!