Wet Weather Scenery Competition

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Wet Weather Competition Entries

This Competition is open to anyone. It will take place largely on New Railway Modellers, in that the voting will take place on the forum, but is open to anyone via my website www,mumbles.co.uk/competition or www.camelotjunction.co.uk/competition. This is to include people on the various other forums and chat pages out there that are not members of NRM. My sleeping partner for this venture is Simon of Camelot Junction notoriety!

The competition is to build a small railway scene in a scale of your choice. The rail element can be in any condition you like, working or not. There does not have to be any loco or rolling stock in the scene.

The theme for the scene is Wet Weather. This is something rarely modelled and which is so predominant in the UK climate.

Your scene must contain a scratch built item: such as, a building, a platform, a railway structure such as a bridge. This is to encourage people to expand their modelling ability if they are not already scratch building things and to hopefully mean the scenes look original and fresh, rather than seeing familiar off the shelf products.

This scene must ideally be a self contained scene. However, if it is part of a main layout that is fine.

The size shall be 288 square inches, [that is equivalent to 24 inches by 12 inches, or 16”x18”, 48”x6” etc.]
In metric will be 1858.0608 square cms, call it 1858! [that is equivalent to 60.96cm x 30.48 etc etc]

A small margin either side is permissible but if you are much larger or smaller you may be judged accordingly on that.

There will be a small entry fee of £2, payable through Paypal or a personal cheque or cash. This is payable upfront to determine the numbers of entrants and the prize fund as it accumulates. If you then do not submit an entry this can be refunded.

Entry fees must be received before the closing date.

This entry fee will go into the prize fund. The Prize will be a model rail product/s of your choice to the value of the prize fund. If sufficient entries are made there will be the possibility of runners up prizes.

I [Mumbles] will kick start the prize fund to the tune of £20.

There is an anonymous entry and voting system for the competition, as with other competitions. You do not have to tell anyone you are entering and no one will no who they are voting for. PM me to declare your interest if you prefer and I will send my email address for Paypal payments and snail mail address for cheques or cash. I will use a different email address for sending pictures to.

Please do not post any pictures of your competition entry on the boards until after the polls have finished.

You are only allowed one entry per person.

You can submit up to 6 photos of the finished scene and one video of 1 minute. No photo editing shall be permitted other than cropping and resizing.

Photos will be in the standard forum size 800x600px.

Closing date for entries to be submitted will be Monday 13th April at midnight… to allow for last minute bank holiday rush

Organisors will not be entering [although may build one]

Email for Entry or Questions: Click Here