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The wheeled section

Baseboards cut to add depth

Baseboard building

I decided to build baseboard frames in separate units so if it ever came to it the layout could be dissected into small cabinet sized pieces and hopefully rebuilt in a new home!

One of the units was to house the pc/workbench sliding drawer. I used the heftiest runners is could so it can take a fair bit of leaning on and is not flimsy. I had some security bolts made by M.Levin [website] that are very useful for securing the garage door from would be thieves. The common thing being that the corners of garage doors get pried open. Here you can see the Southern Module and 009 Winter scene layout at last having some storage space pleasing the missus no end!

I love wood working and building the frames was great fun. Especially relaxing at the end of the day with a cold one!

For the door, I need to have some sort or removable section as I have a relative that would not be able to duck under and I need some sort of access if I ever need to get access to the garage with something large. I decided to make a wheeled section as this will be a scenic area with some depth to the model. Not flat in any way, thus ruling out a flappy hinged section! You can see it rolls in on castors. Currently it is screwed to locate and keep it in place but I am going to get some proper locating bolts at some point.

With the completion of the wheeled section the frames were done. The next phase was making some backboards. Using ply I simply screwed them to the rear of the frames bending them round in the corners to avoid right angled corners.

Ply tops arrived and were cut to shape. As with the back boards I wanted to avoid right angled corners with the baseboards and straight edges along the front where possible on one side.

I have track... I will play!! Laying out the flexi track and points to get an idea of how badly out the track plan was!

The other end of the back scenes had to wait for the ply to arrive and be slid into the garage before being added. Checking those track formations. Taking photos like this was very useful s I was able to go away and compare with Ramsgate and see that certain alignments were not correct and I could go back and remedy this.

The 4 lines that stretch through Folkestone West The last main thing to do with the baseboards was to cut the areas of the track out, I want to get as much realism to the landscape and remove as much flatness as possible so I cut the ply have the track beds raised form the rest of the ‘land’.

Once painted I was itching to get track laying